What is Grandpa and Me?

Grandpa and Me is the first book in a series called “Little Titans”. A series of motivational and inspirational children’s books. Guaranteed to entertain both the adult reader and the children with real life stories, and timeless lessons.

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    Grandpa and Me is an empowering bedtime story based on true events about a child learning and completing a real life challenge.
    Grandpa and Me was written to inspire both the children and adults.
    Grandpa and Me has a life lesson that will aid in building character at a young age.

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About the Author

Matt Muller is a successful entrepreneur and small business manager. Matt wrote Grandpa and Me to pass on the life lesson his grandfather taught to him over 25 year earlier. As a young boy Matt would have no idea how this hard-earned lesson, learned early in life would greatly impact him in the future.
This life lesson of never giving up has helped Matt push through even the toughest of challenges. This book was written to honor his 92-year-old Grandfather, and pass along this lesson to his children and hopefully many others.

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